Moonli Singha is the Founder and CEO of Moonheart Entertainment where she oversees all aspects of the company’s businesses including strategy, innovation, marketing and partnerships. She founded the company to bring interactive games, television and film content to youth and family audiences globally, and to inspire change. 

Prior to Moonheart, Singha has launched a number of entrepreneurial companies including a Print Media Enterprise. Her former clients include Sony, Milcreek Entertainment, Universal Studios, and Warner Bros., among others. As a former ranked junior champion tennis player and philanthropist, she has played many exhibition matches for charitable causes to support AIDS and children’s organizations. Moonli is focused on expanding Moonheart’s presence into new markets around the world and to establish a blueprint for the Company’s global growth and impact across various platforms. 

Rósa Guðmundsdóttir is the Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer of Moonheart Entertainment where she is responsible for overseeing content development, production and music. 

Endorsed to the USA by legendary Lionel Richie, she is a prodigy who began writing her own music at age 12 and a Juilliard candidate when she was 15, Guðmundsdóttir is a classically trained, renowned artist who became the youngest solo pianist in the history of her country.

Prior to Moonheart, Guðmundsdóttir formed The Icelandic Connection, the first US/Icelandic management/

production office in Reykjavík, at age 21.

Guðmundsdóttir is a native of Iceland whose mother was the first Thai immigrant in the country. Her rich heritage informs her world view and is reflected in her creative approach to making inclusive content of high standard that speaks to children and families. ​

Krystine Beneke is Executive Vice President of Moonheart Entertainment. In this role, she is responsible for overseeing the company’s business and financial strategy. 

Prior to Moonheart Entertainment, Beneke was a senior member of UBS’s private wealth management team where she aided in portfolio construction, investment due diligence and trading. She was also actively involved in the philanthropic and socially responsible investing space as she greatly aided clients in charitable giving and created and managed portfolios that were socially and environmentally impactful.

Beneke gratuated with honors from the Leonard N. Stern School of Business at New York University with a B.S. in Finance and International Business.


Susan Nahley Fleishman is Moonheart's Global Communications Officer.

Before joining Moonheart, Fleishman was the Executive Vice President, Corporate Communications at  Amblin Partners, the film and television production company led by Steven Spielberg. 

Prior to Amblin, Fleishman was the Executive Vice President, Worldwide Corporate Communications and Public Affairs, at Warner Bros. Entertainment. In this role, she was responsible globally for the company’s external and internal communication, crisis management  as well as its philanthropic footprint across all of its divisions. 

Fleishman joined Warner Bros. from Universal Studios where she spent a decade in various corporate communications positions, ultimately rising to the post of Senior Vice President, Corporate Communications and Public Affairs. 

Fleishman is the founder of September Media, a corporate communications and public affairs consulting firm that advises a diverse range of clients on media relations, internal communication, crisis management, corporate responsibility and philanthropy. 

Fleishman serves on the board of directors of The Geffen Playhouse and The Sasha Project LA. 

Fleishman graduated from Middlebury College, Middlebury, Vermont, with a B.A. degree in American Literature. 


Israeli educational psychologist Haim Ginott writes about a letter that teachers would receive from their principal each year:

"I am a survivor of a concentration camp. My eyes saw what no person should witness: gas chambers built by learned engineers. Children poisoned by educated physicians. Infants killed by trained nurses. Women and babies shot by high school and college graduates. 

So, I am suspicious of education. My request is this:  Help your children become human.

Your efforts must never produce learned monsters, skilled psychopaths, or educated Eichmanns. Reading, writing, and arithmetic are important only if they serve to make our children more human."


In Memoriam of Moonli's mother, TinTin, who dared to always believe in hope.