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Moonli Singha, CEO, Moonheart Entertainment

Moonli Singha is the Founder and CEO of Moonheart Entertainment, where she oversees all aspects of the company’s businesses, including strategy, innovation, marketing, and partnerships. She founded the company to bring interactive games, digital assets, films, and series to youth and family audiences globally while inspiring change. 

Prior to Moonheart, Singha launched several entrepreneurial companies, including a Print Media Enterprise and the Equinox Fitness franchise.

Her former clients include Sony, Mill Creek Entertainment, Universal Studios, and Warner Bros.

As a former world-ranked junior champion tennis player and philanthropist, she has played many exhibition matches for charitable causes to support AIDS and children’s organizations. 

Moonli focuses on expanding Moonheart’s presence into new markets worldwide and establishing a blueprint for the company’s global growth and impact across various platforms. 

Moonli earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from Oxford University and an MBA from Fordham University.

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